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Conjunctions are joining words. They help in joining words, groups of words and even sentences.

  • Conjunctions join words that belong to the same part of speech.
Noun : 'mummy and papa', 'apple or pen'
Adjectives : 'sad and tired', 'intelligent but naughty'
Adverbs : 'here and there', 'slowly but surely'
Pronoun : 'he and I', 'them or me'
  • Conjunctions join sentences.
Example :

Mummy is going to town. I'm going with her.
Mummy is going to town and I'm going with her.

Some conjunctions and their correct usage is explained below.
We use and to join two words or sentences expressing similar ideas.
Example :
Seema went to the library. She brought a few books.
Seema went to the library and brought a few books.

We use or to join words or sentences offering a choice.
Examples :
1. You can have tea. You can have coffee.
You can have tea or coffee.
2. You can go to the library. You can stay at home.
You can go to the library or stay at home.

We use but to join contrasting words or sentences.
Examples :
1. Teena is tall. Meena is short.
Teena is tall but Meena is short.
2. Gurjit is young. He is wise.
Gurjit is young but wise.


We use because when one sentence says something and the other sentence give a reason for it.
Example :
He was late. He missed the bus.
He was late because he missed the bus.

Some more conjunctions are presented in the following sentences.
1. Although he is wealthy, Mr Verma is very humble.
2. When the rain stopped, we started our journey.
3. The kids were playing while their mother was away.
4. Since he is late, let us start the show without him.
5. I will stop crying if you give back my pen.
6. You cannot enter unless you have the permission to do so.
7. You are not well, so, I will take you to the doctor.
8. They ran after the thief but could not catch him.
9. You can come along with us or stay back at home.
10. She won the competition because she had worked hard for it.

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