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Examine the following sentences :
Hello ! What are you doing there ?
Alas ! He is dead.
Hurrah ! We have won the game.
Ah ! Have they gone ?
Oh ! I got such a fright.
Hush ! Don't make a noise.

Such words as Hello ! Alas ! Hurrah ! Oh ! etc. are called Interjections.
They are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion. It will be noticed that they are not grammatically related to the other words in a sentence.

Definition - An Interjection is a word which express some sudden feeling or emotion.
Interjection may express -
1. Approval ; as, bravo !
2. Grief ; as, alas !
3. Jack ; as, Hurrah ! huzza !
4. Surprise ; as, ha ! what !

Certain groups of words are also used to express some sudden feeling or emotion ; as,
Ah me !
For shame !
Well done !
Good gracious !

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