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Intransitive Verb

Read these sentences.

1. Jiya laughed.
2. The baby cried.
These sentences are complete and do not require any object to complete their meanings.

Verbs that make complete sense without objects are called intransitive verbs.


Read these groups of words.
1. Mrs Kumar was
2. The baby appears
The verbs in these sentences 'was', 'appears' cannot make complete sense by themselves, they don't express any action or show possession.

Now, read these sentences.
3. Mrs Kumar was a teacher.
4. The baby appears sleepy.
Now, the above sentences make complete sense because some words 'a teacher' and 'sleepy' have been added to words given in (1.) and (2.) respectively.

A verbs which does not express any action or show possession and needs the help or presence of some word or words to make sense is called a verb of incomplete predication.
Examples : be, seems, appears, looks.

  • The word or words that help a verb of incomplete predication to make sense are called complements.
  • They are required to form a complete predication.

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