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Nouns: Possession

Read the following sentences. 1. The bag belonging to Rama is on table. I went to the house of Munish. Now Read these sentences. 1. Rama's bag is on the table. 2. I went to Munish's house. In the second st of sentences, we have used an apostrophe (') to indicate possession. Let us discuss the use of apostrophe(')

Let us read some more sentences
Singular nouns Add -'s to show possession
Mohit Mohit's
Mrs Sharma Mrs Sharma's
The house of Mohit Mohit's house
The bag of Mrs Verma Mrs Verma's bag
Singular and Plural nouns ending in -s Add only (') to show possession
the students (plural noun) the students'
Mr Das (singular noun) Mr Das'
the books of the students the students' books
the bag of Mr. das Mr. Das' bag
Plural nouns not ending in -s Add - 's
mice mice's
the men the men's
the tail of the mic the mice's tail
the hat of the men the men's hat