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Paragraph Writing

A paragraph comprises of a number of sentences on a single topic.
There are certain things which must be kept in mind while writing a paragraph. They are as follows :

A paragraph should have sentences which focus only on the central theme relevant to the topic.

In a paragraph, the ideas that we are expressing have to be in a particular order with the most important fact being mentioned first, followed the sequence of events in which it occurred.

As a paragraph is a short composition, there is always a chance of monotony. Therefore, to avoid this, we should add variety by altering the sentence construction as much as possible and include different points related to the topic.


My Favourite Corner At Home

My favourite corner at home is the library. It is a large room which is situated in one corner of the terrace. There are several book shelves which are lined with books of different sizes and colour. In the middle of the room, there is a big wooden table which once belonged to my grandfather. One of its walls is made of glass and the entire room is well lit as long as the sun is in the sky. The room also has a pendulum clock which too belonged to my grandfather. Often, on a holiday afternoon, I sneak into this room. The moment I enter it, I feel I am in a different world far away from the world of television, video games and homework. I feel that the books on the shelves greet me. I then pull a book from one of the shelves. I sit near the window and start reading. The quietness of the room helps me in getting transported to the wonderland of kings and queens. That's why the library is my favourite place in my house.

The Computer

In today's world the computer has become become a part of our lives. It has made our life easier in many ways. We use computers in school. When we use a computer, the stories that we used to read in books, come alive before our eyes. This helps us to understand and learn better. In a way, it has also saved us from carrying heavy school bags. This is so because we don't have to carry our heavy books to school anymore. Again, through internet, we can gain a lot of information on the computer. This information helps us in our school projects. Computers also entertain us. We can listen to music and play games on it. Since we are too young, we have to be a very careful while using the computer. This is because, like many other things, excessive use of computer has its side-effects too. It might weaken eye-sight and even affect our concentration level. So, we must use the computer only when it is required and that too in moderation.

Summer Holidays

For me summer holidays mean freedom from school and home task. It is the time when everyday is a Sunday. I play, I draw, and I read. Yes, I travel too. My summer holidays are usually divided into two parts. During the first week, I concentrate only on completing my holiday homework. During the second week, I usually travel to Shimla, to my grandmother's place or some other location. I take some of my comics that I read on my way. When I return from there, the remaining days of the holidays are spent with my friends or perhaps in learning a new skill. During the last summer holidays I joined swimming classes. It was fun. When only a few days are left for the school to reopen, I usually bond with my school books again.


Books are said to be man's bestfriend. They give us knowledge. Science and Geography books provide information about our surroundings, the world and even knowledge about parts of a body. Without any ticket, passport or even flying by an aeroplane, we can travel to some distant land just by reading a book. For instance, with Tintin we move around in the streets of Nepal or with Alice we travel to her wonderland. Books are indeed our best friends. it is so because a friend might change, he or she can fight with us or stop talking to us one day. But a book will always remain the same, it will never change and will always be a good companion.


Trees give us oxygen. We survive because of them. They also give us many other things which are required in our day-to-day life. These things include cotton for clothes, wood for furniture, fruits, even paper and pencil. They give shade to people. They shelter poor people from heat and rain. Sometimes they do spend their nights under trees. We should take care of trees, the way trees care for us. We should not cut down trees unless it is required. If we cut one tree, we should plant ten saplings in its place. Remember, if we fail to do this, one day there will be no trees left and our survival on earth will be difficult.


Friends are very important in our lives. We study with them. we play with them, we share our lunch and even secrets with them. One's life would be very boring without friends. Friends also help us a lot. When we can not solve difficult Maths problems, they are there to help us. When a teacher asks questions and we cannot answer them, our friends helps us. They support us in whatever we do. It is true that we often fight with our friends and don't talk to them for many days. But after sometime, we become friends again because we simply cannot live without them. But we should also remember that friends influence us a lot. So, we must be very careful while choosing friends. This is because if any of our friends has a bad habit, we too might adopt it. At the same time, if he or she has a good quality, we may learn it from him or her. So, we must have good friends who will help us to become good human beings.


Food gives us energy to play and work. It helps us to grow healthy and fight diseases. There are different types of food that we eat. Some of them are healthy, like fruits, dal, grains, dairy products like egg, milk and cheese. These build our bones and muscles and help to keep us healthy. There are others like pizzas, burgers or street foods like panipuris and samosas. These are tasty but they are not healthy. They do not provide good nutrition. So, we should avoid eating such eatables and include more healthy food in our diet. Of course we can have burgers or chips once in a while but we should not have them regularly. Only then we would grow up to be healthy individuals.

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