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Prepositions show the relationship between nouns or pronouns and other words in a sentence.


1. Meet me in a class.
2. Keep the plates on the table.

Words like in, into, on, of, across, under, above, behind, near, with, through, over, by, and between are prepositions.

Examples of prepositions:

1. There were two apples in the basket.
2. Rama sat by the window.
3. The beggar is sleeping under the tree.
4. My grandparents lives in the apartment which is above the grocery shop.
5. She was getting into her car when her father called her.
6. The baby is hiding behind the curtain.
7. The new stadium is near our house.
8. The baby is sleeping with her mother.
9. The train is passing through the tunnel.
10. The horse jumped over the fence.

Carefully read the following sentences to understand the use of certain prepositions.

1. We should be kind to the street animals.
2. Meena is coming to dinner.
3. It is 2 o'clock by my watch.
4. They sat at the table to read.
5. He is suffering from chickengunia.
6. I am taking these sweets for my friends.
7. The train is moving at full speed.
8. We should take care of our parents.
More about prepositions

Let us discuss the correct use of some prepositions: