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Simple Present Tense

Read the sentences.

1. The sun rises in the east.
2. We go to play everyday.
3. Birds fly in the sky.
The words printed in bold are verbs and they are in the simple present tense.
Sometimes, they tell us about habitual actions which a person does everyday.

Example :
1. We go to play everyday.

They also tell us about some permanent truths.

Examples :
1. The sun rises in the east.
2. Birds fly in the sky.
The simple present tense talks about habitual actions and permanent truths.


  • With 'I', 'we', 'you', 'they' and all other plural subjects, we use:

subject + original form of the verb.
1.We go to play everyday.
We is the subject + go is the original form of the verb.
2.Birds fly in the sky.
Birds is the subject + fly is the original form of the verb.
  • With 'he', 'she', 'it' and all other singular subjects in the third person,we use:

subjects + original form of the verb + -s/es/ies.
Examples :
The sun rises in the east.
The sun is the subject + rises is the original form of the verb 'rise' + 's'
We should remember the following points while forming verbs in the simple present tense with third person singular subjects.
  • In case of most verbs we add '-s' to the original form of the verb.

Examples :
1. arrive + s = arrives
2. talk + s = talks
3. shine + s = shines
  • When a verb ends with a consonant and a 'y' such as 'try', we replace 'y' with '-ies'.

Examples :
1. try-tries 2. fly-flies 3. carry-carries
  • When ends with a vowel and a 'y' such as 'buy' and 'play' we add 's'.
    Examples :
    1. buy + s = buys
    2. play + s = plays
    3. stay + s = stays
    • When verbs ends in 's', 'es', 'ch', 'sh', or 'x' we add 'es'.

    Examples :
    1. pass + es = pesses
    2. wash + es = washes>
    3. teach + es = teaches
    4. flex + es = flexes

    A. Write down the simple present tense form of these verbs.( Assume that their subjects are he/she/it.)
    1. fly _ 2. match _ 3. mix_ 4.dance _ 5. catch _ 6. sing _ 7. enjoy _ 8. write _
    Fill in the blanks with simple present tense form of the verbs in the brackets.

    1. Priya _ fluent English. (speak)
    2. Mita _ a huge bag to school. (carry)
    3. The rain water _ the rivers and ponds. (fill)
    4. Manoj and Vijay _ badminton together. (play)
    5. The boys _ in the pool on weekends. (swim)
    6. His handwriting is very good. He _ very attentively. (write)
    7. Jyoti is fond of music. She _ western music every Saturday. (learn)
    8. The baby _ whenever it is happy. (laugh)

    C. Rewrite these semtences by using the subjects given in the brackets and change the form of verbs accordingly. Make other changes also, if required.
    1. Suhana helps the poor. (I)
    2. Mihika reaches school on time. (They)
    3. Tania and Tanu talks in the class. (He)
    4. The students stand in a queue. (Ravi and Surya)
    5. Tanmay carries the water bottle in a bag. (We)
    6. They sing very well. (Sonali)
    7. He watches cartoons after his studies. (The children)
    8. We read stories everyday. (Vani and Meena)

    D. Rewrite the semtences by changing the subjects from plural to singular.Don't forget to change the verbs accordingly.
    1. The trains stop only at this station. ______
    2. The men go to the office. _____
    3. The students read in the library. ____
    4. The washermen wash clothes. _____
    5. They dance gracefully. ____
    6. These boys play in the garden. ____
    7. The cats run after mice. ___
    8. Books give us knowledge. ____

    E. Rewrite the given passage using verbs in brackets in the simple present tense.
    My class teacher ( be) Mrs Shelly Roy. Her first duty in the morning (be) to call the rolls. She (maintain) the attendance register. She (ensure) that students (follow) proper discipline. She (teach) us English and History. She (take) surprise test and (evaluate) our understanding of concepts. She (prepare) the report cards and during the Parent Teacher Meeting, she (tell) our parents about our performance and behaviour in class. She (be) strict but I (like) her.

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