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Synonyms and Antonyms

There are words which have the same or almost the same meanings as any given word. Such words are calle synonyms.

Examples :
1. talk - speak
2. sad - unhappy

Let us read the synonyms which are given below.

Word Synonym
answer reply
anger fury
ancient old
brief short
calm quiet
correct right
decrease reduce
drowsy sleepy
empty vacant
forgive pardon
glow shine
help assistance
honour prestige
lucky fortunate
nice decent
precious valuable
rich wealthy
respect esteem
grave serious
wish desire
allow permit
annual yearly
begin start
purchase buy
clean tidy
deceive cheat
difficult hard
end finish
faithful loyal
glad happy
happiness joy
huge large
injure hurt
mistake error
pain agony
polite courteous
regret repent
sure certain
teach instruct
worry anxiety

There are words which mean the opposite of one another. Such words are called antonyms

Let us read the antonyms which are given below.

Word Antonym
absent present
answer question
arrive depart
begin end
beautiful ugly
borrow lend
dangerous safe
dull bright
empty full
first last
fresh stale
loss gain
light heavy
ordinary special
permanent temporary
punish reward
rise fall
soft hard
sink float
true false
artificial natural
ancient modern
attack defend
busy idle
bold timid
bravery cowardice
deep shallow
early late
expensive cheap
follow lead
kind cruel
love hate
oral written
peace war
positive negative
poor rich
senior junior
rough smooth
success failure
wise foolish

We can also form antonyms by using prefixes.
Examples :

Prefix Word Antonym
un + common uncommon
in + visible invisible
im + possible impossible
ir + responsible irresponsible
dis + like dislike