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Learn English Grammar

The Tense

Read these sentences.

1. I go to school everyday.
2. I went to school yesterday.
3. I shall go to school tomorrow.

Sentence 1. expresses an action in the present time and is in the present tense.
Sentence 2. expresses an action in the past and is in the past tense.
Sentence 3. expresses an action that is likely to take place in future and is in the future tense.

Let us read the simple past tense, simple present tense and the simple future tense forms of the verb 'be', 'do' and 'have' given below in the boxes.


Learn English Grammar

Learn English Grammar


Learn English Grammar

1. We use 'shall' only with 'I' and 'we' .
2. With all other pronouns we use 'will' .
3. But now we generally use 'will' with all pronouns.

A. Fill in the blanks with the different forms of be as directed.

1. As a student I _ good in studies. (simple past tense)
2. You _ in Bhopal next week. (simple future tense)
3. I _ Rajiv's best friend. (simple present tense)
4. It _ great fun at the park tomorrow. (simple future tense)
5. The soldiers _ very brave. (simple past tense)
6. They _ our new neighbours. (simple present tense)
7. Richa _ happy to see us on her birthday. (simple future tense)
8. You _ my classmate last year. (simple past tense)

B. Fill in the blanks with the different forms of have as directed.

1. Sonia _ a diamond ring. (simple present tense)
2. They _ porridge last night. (simple past tense)
3. The dogs _ a new home. (simple future tense)
4. He _ a pet cat. (simple present tense)
5. They _ a new car in their garage. (simple present tense)
6. Jeet and Preet _ a new video game. (simple present tense)
7. They _ their breakfast early in the morning. (simple past tense)
8. Julia _ a new laptop. (simple present tense)

C. Fill in the blanks using the different forms of do as directed.

1. Richa _ the work on her own everyday. (simple present tense)
2. They _ well in their exams last year. (simple past tense)
3. She promised that she _ her homework in time. (simple future tense)
4. Mona and Sona _ the cleaning everyday. (simple present tense)
5. We _ all the work by ourselves. (simple present tense)

D. Fill in the blanks using the different forms of be, have or do.

1. Elephants _ big ears.
2. It _ now 6'o clock.
3. Julia _ a new bag.
4. I _ fever yesterday but now I _ fine.
5. Monali _ the homework on her own everyday.
6. This room _ only one window.
7. Mansi _ 9 years old next month.
8. Farida usually _ her dinner at 8 pm.
9. They _ the work without my help yesterday.
10. Vivek _ upset because his team lost in yesterday's match.

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