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Writing a Letter

Letter writing consists of certain norms. It is basically a step by step approach. Earlier, letter writing involved the role of punctuation marks and other rules but now, letter writing has become simpler.
There are the essentials of a letter :
a. address of the sender
b. address of the receiver
c. date
d. name of the person you are addressing the letter to
e. body of the letter with details
f. closing
g. the sender's name

Sample 1

You study in residential school. Your school is taking you to Bal Bhavan for an environment project. You are going to educate the students there, about the environment. You need to seek permission as the trip involves staying there alongwith your mentors for a week.

Tender Heart International School -(writer's address)
10 July 2017 -(date)
Dear Father -(greeting)

You will feel proud to know that I have been selected for a school project. It's an outreach activity, organised by the school. I have been selected to accompany my teachers and mentors to Bal Bhavan in Nainital. This is an orphanage and we will stay there for a week. We will educate the children about how the flora and fauna is being destroyed by the selfish activities of human beings.
I have written a play which will be performed like a street show to convey the problems concerning environment. As you can see it will be a very enriching experience for me. So, please give me permission to join this trip and sign the letter of approval that you will soon receive from school.
How are Mummy and Granny ? I miss you a lot. Looking forward to the Diwali vacations with all of you.

Your loving daughter -(closing)
Manya -(the writer's name)

Observations :
(a) Note that the address of Manya is on the left hand side corner of the letter along with the date.
(b) The letter begins with 'Dear Father' and ends with, 'Your loving daughter'.
(c) The address of the recipient should be written on the envelope in the following way:
Mr Mukesh Suri
12/6 Jalvayu Vihar
Kochi 682004

Sample 2

Write a letter to the librarian requesting him to issue a new library card.
The Librarian - (designation and address of the person you are writing the letter to)
Model High School
14 July 2017 -(date)
Subject - Request for the issue of a new library card. -(subject)
Dear Sir

I have misplaced my library card when I was travelling by the school bus on -(body)
13 July 2017.
I would be grateful if you kindly issue a new library card in my name.

Yours faithfully -(closing)
Madhav Jha -(writer's name and
Class V (A) -class with roll number)
Roll no. 9

(a) Note that the address and the designation of the receiver along with the date is mentioned on the upper left-hand side corner of the letter.
(b) The letter begins with 'Dear Sir' and ends with 'Yours faithfully'.
(c) The subject of the letter is mentioned before the letter starts.

Sample 3

You stay in a boarding school. Write a letter to your father asking for money for purchasing things for your Science project.
St. Stephan School
A-16/2 Moti Nagar
28 March 2017
Dear Father

I receive your letter yesterday. I am very glad to hear that all of you are well. I am doing well too and working hard for my exams.
Father, I have to buy certain things for my Science project for which I would need Rs.1500. I would require the money after two weeks since the project has to be submitted in May. So, if you could send the money before that it would be very helpful.

Take care of yourself and mother.
Your loving son

Sample 4

Write a letter to your friend informing her that you would be visiting her during your vacation.
2 MG Road
21 March 2017
Dear Suhana

Hope you are well. I am well too. You will be glad to hear that I would be visiting you during my vacation in Chennai.
My uncle has shifted there recently and he has asked us to spend the vacation with him. Since you also stay there, I don't want to miss the opportunity of meeting you.
So, please tell me when you would be available. We can spend a day together and have fun.

Looking forward to your reply.
Yours affectionately

Sample 5

Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting him/her to grant leave.
The Principal
Devaki Jain School
20 March 2017
Subject - Leave application
Dear Sir

I would like to mention that on 18 March 2017 I could not attend school since I was suffering from fever.
I would remain grateful to you if you kindly grant me sick leave for those two days.

Yours faithfully
Rajan Malhotra
Class V (B)
Roll no. 22

Sample 6

Write a letter to your class teacher requesting her to let you wear sandals in class, since you have hurt your toe nail.
The Class Teacher
Class V (B)
Modern School
20 March 2017
Subject - Request for permission to wear sandals to school
Dear Madam

I have hurt a toe nail of my right foot and I am advised by the doctor not to wear shoes for two weeks.
I would be grateful to you if you kindly grant me the permission to wear sandals to school for two weeks.

Yours faithfully
Soniya Sharma
Class V (B)
Roll no. 20

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